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David Casa

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David Casa

David Casa (born 16 November 1968 in Valletta) is a Maltese politician and Member of the European Parliament. He is Malta’s longest serving MEP, having served since June 2004.

As a member of the Nationalist Party in Malta, he belongs to the European People’s Party. Casa has been described by Politico as a key MEP for his work as co-rapporteur on the Social Climate Fund.

As Quaestor, he was a member of the Bureau of the European Parliament. He is Co-Chair of the Media Working Group of the European Parliament and the EPP’s Head of National Delegation for Malta.

Recent Work

Key legislation

Casa is known for his work in the European Parliament Committee on Employment and Social Affairs and was the European Parliament’s lead negotiator on landmark legislation on social affairs. He was the EPP Group Coordinator for the EMPL Committee for two terms during the 8th legislature, having been reelected unanimously in 2017

Work Life Balance

In 2019, Casa successfully negotiated the Work-Life Balance Directive, which enshrined paternal leave as an EU right for the first time.

European Social Fund

In 2021, he concluded negotiations on the European Social Fund Plus, paving the way for €88 billion to be deployed in the 2021-2027 period.

Social Climate Fund

In 2023, he finalised the Social Climate Fund, a multibillion euro proposal to ensure social justice in the EU’s Fit-for-55 climate package under the European Green Deal. 

Strengthening disability rights

In 2024, as the EPP’s negotiator on the EU Disability Card and the EU Parking Card, he helped reach a deal to bolster access to mobility rights across the European Union for up to 100 people living with disabilities.

Early career

Moviment Iva

David Casa was one of the founding members and subsequently Secretary General of the Moviment Iva (“Yes to Europe Movement”), an organisation which played a fundamental role in the campaign in favour of Malta’s accession to the European Union in the run-up to the referendum on the subject.

Mr. Casa was Secretary of the Malta-EU Steering and Action Committee (MEUSAC) and subsequently served as advisor and Personal Assistant to Prof Guido de Marco during his tenure as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister. This role also ensured that David followed the process of membership closely since its inception. In 1999, when Professor Guido de Marco became President, David Casa was the Inter-Ministerial Coordinator for E .U. Matters in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

David was active in the Council of the Confederation of Malta Trade Unions and later he formed part of the Executive Committee of the Union of Bankers.

In the field of broadcasting, he led political programmes on Radio 101. Such programmes were aimed at providing information in relation to Malta and the European Union.